Big News Coming Soon!
Rumors are running wild that INFINITE's corporate liaison to our parent company, Shimada Enterprises, will be visiting in the coming weeks with a potentially HUGE announcement! Stay tuned for news as it develops!

INFINITE Signings!
INFINITE Wrestling would like to announce the signings of "Ziggy" Wagge D., Brian Douglas, Phil Atken, and Shane Rothenstein! Wagge D. and Brian Douglas have both worked in SHOW. Phil Atken comes to us with a resume that includes both thReat AND Action! and is yet another addition from the British Isles. Shane Rothenstein is the son of the controversial Stan Rothenstein, former owner of 3WA and manager to such greats as Jasin Bondage. It is rumored that more signings have been made and are expected to debut soon.

Congratulations to INFINITE's UltraTitle Participants!
INFINITE Wrestling has several roster members competing for the UltraTitle. Included are: Justin Voss, who has made it to round two of bracket 1 where he'll face Jeff Andrews from DEFIANCE; Pat Gordon, Jr. who will face S in his first round match-up in bracket 4; Shane Rothenstein, who faces "Hot" Johnny Tropic in round 1 of bracket 3; Henry Dylan, who faces "Good God" Kevin Powers in round 1 of bracket 3; and Jonathan Marx who lost an incredibly well fought match with King Krusher in round 1 of bracket 1.

To cheer on all of our UltraTitle participants, please visit

Upcoming Card
MAIN EVENT Tyke vs. Frank Hendrix
One-on-One BP Lightning vs. Shane Rothenstein
One-on-One Phil Atken vs. Adam Nicholson
One-on-One Pat Gordon, Jr. vs. Gibraltar

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